• Patentanwälte Vollmann Hemmer Lindfeld, Lübeck, Legal advice

Legal advice

We are your contact for all issues concerning legal protection of industrial property rights. For us, it is not just about a correct, economical and fast solution to each particular case. Instead, we value individual advice adapted to the needs and strategic orientation of your business.



We offer you national and international research into all industrial property rights, e.g. patent searches, trademark searches and registered design searches.



You want information about which patents or trademarks your competitors are applying for or, for example, you want information in good time if competitors are applying for patents whose subject matter affects your existing rights. That is why we offer you a variety of options for monitoring official records and publications.


Licensing agreements

Whether it concerns purchase, sale or licensing of property rights and know-how, we can provide you with advice on all associated legal aspects and draw up contracts tailored to the particular case in question.



In addition to registration of property rights, our activity also focuses on advice and representation if you need to assert your property rights and in the event of attacks resulting from the property rights of third parties. Furthermore, we will carry out interference proceedings, nullity proceedings and cancellation proceedings for you against third party property rights, through all instances.


Expert opinions

We draw up expert reports on the legal validity of property rights and on the question of infringement of property rights and provide you with risk assessments on the basis of which you can make your business decisions.


Law on Employee inventions

We can advise you on all matters of employed inventor law, from basic implementation of statutory provisions in your business to individual calculation of remuneration in specific cases.